Unmute yourself. Give girls a voice.

Unmute yourself for those without a voice

"You're still on mute." How many times have you heard this phrase while in a video call? Unmuting yourself is very easy to forget. You've been waiting for your turn to speak, you know what you're going to say. You start talking, and - oops! - still muted. You click the unmute button and start over. Pesky? Sure. But let's turn a small nuisance into a grand gesture.

Just as it's easy to forget to unmute yourself, it is easy to forget that millions of children around the world do not have a voice. They do not have the option to unmute. They have no access to education and are often - at a young age - forced to work in very poor conditions. Unlike you and us, they have very poor future prospects. We want to change this. Let’s unmute ourselves on behalf of these children.

We challenge you to help those in need every time you forget to unmute by donating to our GoFundMe campaign. If you catch someone else speaking while they're still muted, share the link to our website and ask them to donate: https://www.jestaatnogopmute.org. All funds raised through our campaign will in turn be donated to Plan International at the end of the year. Plan International is an organisation that fights for children’s rights, with a special emphasis on gender equality. Unfortunately, that's still very much needed in many places around the world. Support our campaign and help Plan International in their battle against inequality. Please share our campaign with as many people as possible.

Together, we are transforming lives.

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