Plan International is an international development organization. Since 1937, we have been working to improve conditions for children in more than 50 countries worldwide. We support girls in particular, because they are disadvantaged even more often than boys.

Plan International stands for a world in which girls and boys can fully develop and have the same rights and opportunities. This is very much needed, because worldwide girls are disadvantaged and discriminated against on a daily basis. Plan International carries out projects in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America so that girls can learn, develop, stand up for themselves and make their own decisions. Together with the support of thousands of sponsors, Plan International is working on a better life for girls and boys worldwide.

Plan International listens to these girls and boys, based on their strength and talent and supports them in standing up for their rights. We work on lasting improvements in their living conditions, focusing on protection, education and work, WSH (water, sanitation, hygiene) and emergency aid. Within the theme of protection, we fight against child marriage, female circumcision, sexual exploitation and teenage pregnancies. And we ensure that more children receive a birth certificate.