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Join the NN CPC run The Hague for charity in 2022! Register via Plan International for one of the most inspiring running events for any age. Raise € 350,- sponsor money for the fight against child marriage. This is necessary, because every three seconds a girl is forced into marriage. Are you ready to end child marriages?

The 46th edition of the NN CPC run The Hague will take place on Sunday 25 September. With Run for Plan you can register for the 10-kilometer course and for the half marathon (21.1 km). To participate you have to collect at least 350 euros in sponsorship money, with which you support our important fight against child marriage. You will receive a unique Plan International running shirt from us and of course our support during the NN CPC run in The Hague. Register below and become one of our runners!

This Hague run is known for delivering a top-level half marathon course. Sports enthusiasts of all ages have the opportunity to outdo themselves on this fast track. All participants gather at the Malieveld, after which they are immersed in the beautiful route that the city of The Hague has to offer. While you break your personal record, you immediately commit to saving girls worldwide.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up here
  2. Choose whether you want to do the action individually, as a team or as a member of an existing team.
  3. Fill in your details and personalize your page.
  4. Spread the word! Share your donation page on social media.
  5. Get sponsored by friends, family and colleagues.
  6. Collect 500 euro.
  7. Receive your ticket and come to The Haque on September 25th!

Why are we running?

The period between diaper and veil is far too short for many girls in the world. Every 3 seconds, somewhere in the world, a girl is forced to get married while she is still a child. This is a serious violation of children's rights. Girls carry this with them for the rest of their lives. They don’t get the chance to go to school, therefore have no chance of a decent job and are dependent on others for an income. Child marriage is a recipe for lifelong problems, such as domestic violence and lasting medical consequences from pregnancies.

Plan International is committed to fight against child marriage. We do this on several fronts, because the causes are diverse and complex. Child marriage is caused by, among other things, poverty, discrimination, customs and inadequate legislation. On these and other fronts, we are trying to tackle the problem. For example, we are working worldwide on better and more education for girls. We also raise awareness, so that parents know the risks, girls know what their rights are and so that other involved respect those rights. We are also committed to get better legislation and that the enforcement of those laws are better supervised. We support (girls) clubs, with which girls fight for their own rights.

We do all our projects with and for girls. Only together, with all those involved, can we ensure lasting change.

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